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The Way Out is Through

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

My beloved dog is having some health issues and I have done everything for her over the last six months. Endless vet visits, energy healing by myself and others, prayers galore. She will be eleven years old this Friday. She has never been a healthy dog; from the time she was three years old she had numerous serious problems that I had to keep a close eye on, so she’s probably on borrowed time anyway. About a year ago, I began getting messages that she may start having some problems I needed to prepare myself for somehow, and six months after that was when they began.

This morning was rough. It seems like all the interventions we were using are no longer working and we don’t have a diagnosis to work off of. It may be a temporary glitch, but it may not. I’m battling a sense of guilt because I don’t even know if I'm doing the right things medically. Maybe she is ill because I'm doing it wrong? I know I shouldn't think like that, but I hate seeing her uncomfortable. I promised her from the day I brought her home I would always do my best for her.

I was praying, meditating, and trying to send her healing this morning and a message came very clearly. I saw images of a run down city, then past it was a swamp, then deeper into the swamp where it was "no man's land", so to speak. Then deep inside the swamp, a cozy, warm house that didn't look like it belonged there, painted a happy yellow--someone's home. It wasn't surrounded by any other homes. But there was a yard, and there was smoke coming out of the chimney. Then I clearly heard the words, "They key is going deeper into that which you resist, for without it you would find no FEAR." The fear is what you have to go through to find the HOME inside you that exists no matter the circumstances. The strength, peace, and faith inside you that can see you through the darkest swamp. The place that doesn't need any neighbors to sustain its joy.

It's hard for us to find that place in the midst of pain. But I'm trying to remember another thing they told me, that everything true is eternal. So even when I lose my sweet girl, whether that is today or years from now, the love remains always.

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