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Seriously - isn't this all fake?

I used to think that too, until I began meditating. Then I began being able to see that my intuition was always there, I just assumed I had a lot of coincidences! I began learning to hone it. It is not an indication that you are "crazy," as society might tell you; in fact, it is a sense we all have to some degree or another. People who experienced trauma in their lives often have an advanced ability to read energy (or access information, as some prefer to understand it), because it is how they assess safety in an environment. Many reputable universities in the United States and worldwide have departments dedicated to understanding consciousness, intuition, and paranormal experiences; and there are also little-known multimillion dollar projects through large institutions (like governments) that have utilized these abilities as well. Please note, nothing listed below is a conspiracy theory, these are actual facts that are taken from government websites and measurable outcomes recorded by well-thought of scientists using good science. If you are interested, please see below. 

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