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Energy Healing Therapy


What is the difference between life coaching and psychotherapy/counseling?

They are both ways of working through problems through talk, so there is a lot of overlap, but there are several pretty distinct differences.  Coaching does not diagnose or treat mental health issues.  If someone has schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, they would want to see a licensed psychotherapist, not a life coach.  Also, life coaches may touch on the past, but their strategy is to deal less in what someone's childhood issues may have been and more in what they can do right now to create the life they want.  Intuitive life coaching, which is what we specialize in, is a holistic view seeing the client through reading their energetic blocks and assisting with any practical, psychology-based coaching tools as well as intuitive wisdom to help the client achieve their goals.  


What is the difference between hypnotherapy and regular hypnosis like the guy I saw on stage at the casino who made the audience member quack like a duck?

Hypnotherapy does not use the same types of methods as stage hypnotists.  Hypnotherapsts typically study much longer than hypnotists and learn therapeutic methods of hypnosis, which help clients.  Hypnotherapy also doesn't involve clients losing control in any way.  Often, considering it is also a therapeutic technique, life coaching is combined with hypnotherapy, so the client is in a lighter stage of hypnosis and is aware of what is happening and able to converse coherently and discuss things with the life coach, as they would when awake.  The only difference is they are more relaxed and their mind is more receptive.  Also, your brain goes into the hypnagogic state thirty minutes before falling asleep every night (like when you are relaxed and tired, watching television before bed), so hypnosis is not abnormal to you.  


"I want to work with you, but this sounds spiritual and I'm atheist."



​"I want to work with you, but I'm Christian/Jewish/Muslim/devoutly something else and this sounds contradictory to my beliefs." 

Everyone is spiritual, it is how we are designed.  I have met very few people in life who chose to turn off that aspect of who they are that wasn't in some way depressed, because they were out of balance.  Spirituality doesn't have to mean "God" to you.  Transpersonal psychology is spiritual insofar that it helps you attain meaning and higher purpose, whatever that means to YOU.  For some it's nature, or their children, or a higher calling like helping others.  For others it's God in whatever form they name him/her/it.  My job isn't to tell you what to believe, it's to help you find meaning and expansiveness. 

What is Past Life Regression?  Can I do that if I don't believe in past lives?

Yes, you can. Past life regression is a hypnosis technique designed to treat patterns of behavior by helping to relive patterns (that may or MAY NOT be based on past lives and karma) to release them.  It doesn’t matter if the client doesn’t believe in this, as this is a highly cathartic method of bringing up things in the subconscious the client divulges of their own accord that need to be released and dealt with. 

What is the Emotional Freedom Technique?

According to, The "Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress. It's also referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure. People who use this technique believe tapping the body can create a balance in your energy system." EFT was discovered by Dr Roger Callahan and popularized by engineer Gary Craig.  It is considered energy psychology.  

What is HeartMath?

HeartMath is a visualization and focusing technique we use to assist clients that can rewire the brain's neurotransmitters from a baseline state of overthinking and unhappiness to a more relaxed, joyful, and present state.  It's based in more than 25 years of science.

What is Light Language multidimensional healing?

Light language isn't something you can learn or take a class on, it's like a psychic ability in that everyone can do it when they are activated vibrationally for it.  It's an extremely powerful healing modality we use alongside energy healing (like Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy), because it is multidimensional, extremely powerful, and adjusts to whatever you need in the moment.  According to Jayme Price, who has been using this methodology for many years,  (, "Light Language is multidimensional language that is understood by all on a soul level. It is channeled Dynamic Frequency Encodings of Sound and Light. It adjusts to the resonance of each person’s vibrational needs in the moment; initiating clearing, balancing, activation, and alignment with a new vibration of Wellbeing. The Language of Light is a powerful healing tool for Lightworkers on a path of Ascension and empowerment. Your heart speaks Light Language fluently. Light Language always heals appropriately.  Light Language speaks directly to your DNA, activating and recoding your personal vibrational signature as your Higher Self activates the Light Language. Much of its clarity is within the trust of the unknown; breaking through mental barriers by opening heart barriers. Most often, it is not translated as a word-for-word transmission – it is a deeply layered alchemical transmission of information."  

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