Lisa - Energy Healing Therapy

Hello. I am an Empath, Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Clairaudient, Channel, Light Language Quantum Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, Twin Flame, Certified Crystal Chakra Clinician, Spiritual Counselor, Spiritual Teacher, Board Certified Life Coach, and meditation instructor. 


From the time I was a small child, I was sensitive and in tune with exactly who I was.  I loved animals and nature and I would do anything in my power to make sure others weren't hurt.  When other children were falling off their bikes scraping their knees, I was carrying antiseptic in my pocket to clean their wounds.  I was very smart but in school I had a rebellious streak whereupon I wasn't about to listen to just anyone older than me, especially if I felt their ethics weren't in line.  I always protected those who couldn't protect themselves.  My childhood was difficult and I suffered from terrible anxiety, partially hereditary and activated by life circumstances whenever I would feel abandoned.  I felt no one understood me.  As I got into my teenage years, it became severe.  I began psychotherapy and anti-depressants but almost everything would stop working eventually.  I can remember moments in church where people would tell me all I needed to do was pray and it would go away, and I would pray my heart out, feeling even more abandoned when nothing worked.

In college I chose to study Human Services with a mental health counseling emphasis, which is the undergraduate degree for those who hope to get a Master's in some form of counseling or social work so they can counsel unsupervised.  I wanted to study counseling in addition to being in counseling myself in the hopes of understanding myself better.  I even led group therapy for a semester (under a psychotherapist who was supervising), but the more knowledge I had, the less I understood what was happening with me.  I gave up on the counseling field and went into teaching, hoping to help children not feel so alone as I had, and completed a Masters in Education.


As an adult, I had switched careers into business, moved three thousand miles away by myself, broken off two serious relationships that weren't good for me, still searching for happiness.  Every single day, despite my career change, I helped so many people with my huge heart and ability to be there for people, and I couldn't help myself.  One day, after years of feeling my life was going backward instead of forward, I realized I wasn't sure I had any faith anymore.  My friends all had families and spouses, and I was broken.  Every person or thing I put my energy into fell apart.  I sat down and calmly said, "God, I don't know if you're there.  If you are, you have to show me what I'm supposed to do, show me the plan, and give me my hope back.  I can't stand it anymore."


Within weeks my intuition opened up and my life was laid out before me in a way I can't describe.  I heard, saw, and felt things I can't explain.  My parents thought they needed to have me committed...but then they not only saw the change in me, but my Mom began to see hearts in the strangest places and somehow knew they were for me, and I got them too (in ice, in a stain on a shirt, in the shape of a coffee spill on the floor, the list goes on!).  Check out the blog pictures on that.  

I began to think more positively and my faith increased tenfold.  But, anything true is never going to be a magic wand.  There are always lessons associated for your highest good.  Positive thinking doesn't instantly erase existing issues, despite what anyone may have told you.  You have to deal with them at some point or they keep coming back.  


One thing I saw for myself that I wanted more than anything changed, because it involved free will.  It was very painful, but it was the beginning of what is called the "Dark Night of the Soul", or the process by which a sort of second awakening occurred.  It's the death of the ego, meaning not the conventional "ego" like someone with an attitude that they're the greatest, but that ALL things you cling to that don't serve you for your highest good are pried out of your hands.  Sometimes even people you love.  At the time, it feels like you're dying, but when you come out on the other side, you're free, and you're stronger.  In order to do healing work on any serious level, I found out this process is a must.  It removes your judgment, opens your heart with compassion, and removes ways in which you block yourself from being a proper channel of the healing you can impart to someone else.  


Lots of things wound up being shed during that time, but I'm much more fulfilled and I know I am right where I am meant to be.  I am grateful to be able to lead others down this path and help them find peace, but I realize none of the miracles that happen are because of me.  I merely facilitate what people's openness allows.  The fact that it isn't me doing this is the greatest gift.  However, approaching things in life with a balanced perspective is important.  Relying only on miracles and gifts without practical training to support the work I do with people is not wise  - so please see below if you are interested in knowing about that aspect.  


Education, Formal Training, and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science, Human Services (emphasis in Mental Health Counseling)

California State University, Fullerton

Master of Arts, Education (plus, extra coursework taken in Special Education, 21 credits)

Queens College, City University of New York.  Flushing, NY.  57 credits total

Usui Reiki Ryoho, Master Teacher and Pet Reiki Therapist

Levels 1/2 earned at Integrative Energy Medicine Institute, Milford, CT.  Level Master/Teacher earned at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY.  Pet Reiki Therapist earned at Two Bear Healing Arts, Nanuet, NY.

​Integrated Energy Therapy Advanced Practitioner

Beginner taught by Marnie McKnight-Favell (Poughkeepsie, NY).  Intermediate and Advanced taught by Michelle McCarthy (Springfield, MA).  

​Crystal Chakra Energy Clinician 

Sixteen week program mastering crystal healing, through Reverend Lisa M. Stewart, New Paltz, NY

Board Certified Personal/Life Coach

Trained at the Institute of Life Coach Training, Hudson, OH

Certified through the Center for Credentialing and Education

--Sub-certifications in: grief coaching and coaching major life changes

HeartMath Coach/Mentor​​

Heart rhythm patterns are the best reflection of a person's inner state.  By teaching clients to refocus on a state of balance through positive imagery and deep breathing techniques, clients can redesign their mindsets and ultimately get their bodies out of the anxiety of constant fight or flight into a more constant state of ease.  

Certified Addictions Recovery Coach (CARC)​

New York and Connecticut state certified in helping initiate and sustain individuals and families in recovery from addiction - developing recovery plans, removing barriers/obstacles to staying clean, assisting clients in finding additional resources, helping individuals to find ways to stop using or stay clean.  

Additional Workshops Taken in Shamanic Healing through Foundation for Shamanic Studies and Embody the Sacred


Upcoming in 2019:

Holographic Soul Practitioner specializing in removal of negative energy from land and people

Master Hypnotherapist Certification

Clinical Meditation and Imagery Instructor Certification

Certification in Spiritual Counseling