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The name "Golden Cord" is based on a repeated vision of literal golden cord wrapped around a spool.  Later it was discovered that the Golden Cord is an energetic cord of divine love connecting everyone and connecting us to divine love.  We never really lose those we love, either through distance or through death.  We are always connected.  And for that reason, it's important to honor those we come in contact with and also honor our own needs, because every action affects the whole.  There is a lot of healing in strengthening that cord with others, our self, and with any spiritual connection we may have (which doesn't have to be conventional).  


Golden Cord Holistic Healing offers intuitive life coaching/spiritual counseling services to assist in periods of difficulty and major life changes.  These coaching sessions heal, align, and help you in practical ways too.  We also do quantum energy light language healing which is an extremely powerful healing modality that is channeled from higher realms to heal blockages.  For many, this type of healing tends to have more profound effects than anything they have tried previously due to the fact that we are working on several levels.  In addition, we also offer readings on what individuals or twin flames/sacred partners need to do to get to their next level (spiritually or otherwise).  Those are the remote services.  If you are located in the New York metro area, we offer guided meditation sessions, healing sessions, and classes at local healing centers.  


Wherever life may take you, whether that is here or elsewhere, you are wished peace and joy regardless of circumstances and a constant stream of hope, faith, and love. 

Intuitive Life Coaching
Lisa - Crystal Healing Session


Connecticut, USA

but available via Skype or Facetime anywhere you are!