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Everything You Need to Know About Twin Flames

Twin Flames

So what is a twin flame? It’s a person who you share the same exact soul signature with who is a spiritual mirror for you who makes you spiritually awaken and ASCEND (heal/grow spiritually) and you do the same for them. Do you always wind up with them? No. Can a twin be a narcissist, abusive, or treat you in ways that perhaps PREVENT spiritual growth and cause trauma instead? NO. But what about all the synchronicities? Synchronicities aren’t enough - if the other things aren’t there, it’s not a twin flame. Keep reading!

Clearing Up the Misunderstandings:

There is an insane amount of incorrect and just plain fake information about twin flames on the internet meant to make money on you because it’s a hot topic. Many people think they’re in twin flame relationships and they aren’t - it’s either a karmic partner (someone who they have a lot of battles with who makes them learn from their mistakes), or a soul mate (loving, harmonious, often enduring partnerships which can be lovers or friends that are connected at a soul level). Twin flames are very specific and not all people have one in every life and this is a GOOD THING because it’s an insanely hard path. Most people think they want one until they understand what it is!

People often think they’re in twin flame relationships when they are actually in karmic relationships for three reasons.

1. Twin flames and karmics both often have running and chasing periods, but karmics are due to low vibrational things (abuse, repeated cheating, obsession, narcissistic/codependent dynamics, unhealthy patterns that do not cause spiritual growth but rather HINDER it until you let that person go). This is not the case with a twin. Twins do go through periods of pushing one another away (running/chasing) to deal with the healing they need to do, but there is always a deep love and feeling of “home” because they have the same soul signature. Twins even push one another away sometimes out of NOT wanting to hurt each other! Even if some healing needs to be done, a twin flame will never be low vibrational enough to hurt you in ways you can’t recover from - they are a MIRROR FOR YOU, and you both are on a spiritual ascension path which means low vibrational behaviors like abusive dynamics will not be part of their energy at the stage where you have met your twin. DON’T HANG ON TO SOMEONE WHO IS ABUSIVE OR HURTING YOU BADLY, THEY’RE NOT YOUR TWIN!

2. Many psychic readers who are unethical make money telling people who are obsessed with someone that they’re in a twin flame relationship to keep them tied to the person so they will keep getting readings from them! Also, many people who are not twin flames themselves don’t understand what a twin flame is, so even psychics read it wrong. DON’T GET FOOLED INTO THINKING SOMEONE IS A TWIN BECAUSE OF THIS.

3. People think they’re with a twin flame because they see synchronicities (for instance, constant numbers repeating like 11:11, or the person they think is their twin having similar patterns to them). Or they begin to go through a spiritual awakening at the same time as dating someone so they assume that’s their twin. Synchronicities do not make someone your twin - synchronicities are a guidance system from the divine and they can be communicating anything. You may be seeing the synchronicities because your guides are trying to tell you something (11:11 also means manifesting something or new beginnings or spiritual awakening!). You may have similar patterns to the person you’re dating simply because of Law of Attraction. How many of your close friends have insane similarities? You can also be going through a spiritual awakening at the same time as dating this person if they are a false twin! (More on that below!). Having said that, synchronicities CAN be telling you this person is your twin, but the synchronicities alone are not enough. Learn to listen to your intuition as this is part of your spiritual growth, and do not make assumptions about what it is telling you based on what you WANT it to say!

So Now That We Know What a Twin Is NOT, What Does a Twin Flame Relationship Look Like?

-Twin flames are always going to be someone you see as a romantic partner, they can’t be your child/friend/parent/etc. People get confused on this because soul mates (or soul family/tribe) do not have to be romantic. The difference between a twin flame and a soul mate is a soul mate doesn’t have to cause spiritual awakening and growth, it can just be a deep connection (and it’s often a lot less rocky!). Many people think they want a twin, but they actually want a romantic soul mate - they don’t care if the relationship helps them spiritually grow, they want committed life long love (That’s a soul mate!).

-You can’t have two twin flames, but many people are opened up to the idea of twin flames through what is called a false twin. A false twin is a karmic partner that causes tumultuous and often very upsetting circumstances - and learning to grow from those circumstances makes the person awaken. This sounds awful, but a false twin can open the energetic door for a real twin flame to show up later. You do not always need to have a false twin before meeting your real twin, but it happens a lot.

-People often say twins are two halves of the same soul but that’s not accurate, we all have our own souls and we are all whole ALONE! Your twin will be absurdly similar to you in some ways (and you can intuitively read them even if you can’t read anyone else), and in some ways they will seem directly opposite. However, often the things that seem “opposite” are actually similarities expressed differently. For instance, maybe you both fear abandonment but one person expresses that by pushing away and running and the other expresses that by clinging on - it’s the same issue with a different way of dealing with it. It’s still a mirror.

-Your twin will be someone who there is a magnetic attraction draw to (which is why it’s always a romantic connection), and it seems like the energy is always pulling you back together. Sex can be amazing and cause chakras to open. Or maybe it even feels like home, like you have had this relationship before.

-Twin flames force one another to face unhealed wounds in each other, and this causes each person to go through spiritual awakening and ascension. Usually the feminine awakens first, BUT KEEP IN MIND WE ALL HAVE MASCULINE AND FEMININE ENERGIES so the partner who seems more outwardly masculine can definitely awaken before the one who seems more feminine.

-The spiritual awakening twin flames cause in one another is called kundalini awakening - very specific and often dramatic spiritual awakening, it’s very powerful and also very painful because life as you know it often crumbles around you in ways that DO have to do with your twin, AND ways that have nothing to do with your twin (just massive changes and life shifting to make room for you to grow). This is part of the reason so many aren’t ready for this journey and don’t actually get a twin in this life. Are you ready for life as you know it to crumble, yet to never really know if you will wind up with your twin? It’s hard!

-Twins communicate in the 5th dimension, in dreams, through telepathy, through being able to read one another when they may not even be able to read anyone else. Many twins feel the other one always connected even when they are in separation. This is because there is a deep energetic cord to one another. A lot of twin flames often report they had dreams or visions of their twin years before meeting them.

-Whether twins maintain a relationship or separate, the running and chasing will happen in some form over and over until both twins ascend high enough to have INNER union (peace and balance within, ability to flow with the energy around them - letting go of obsessing about one another). Inner union is ultimately what will cause them to come together in twin flame union (as within so without). If they don’t get to inner union, they don’t come together, or their relationship is very tumultuous. THIS IS WHY IT’S SO IMPORTANT THAT TWINS FOCUS ON THEIR OWN GROWTH AND NOT OBSESS OVER ONE ANOTHER. Until you learn the lessons, you won’t get the prize.

-Twin flames DO NOT always wind up together - whoever tells you this wants your money or doesn’t understand the path at all. Coming together has to do with how much healing both people do and whether their free will is in alignment with it (because often there is so much change that needs to occur before they can get to that point and some people won’t do it). Coming together is the goal, but people have free will.

-Even if it’s too painful and twins choose to sever the relationship, they’re always connected to energetically because they’re part of each other.

So What’s the Point?

Ultimately, the twin flame path is not about romantic love even though all twin flame relationships include romantic love - and that in and of itself is the pain of it! It’s about learning to face yourself, let go and love someone unconditionally (which is true love, attachment and obsession is not), and ultimately learning to use this to love YOURSELF and others unconditionally as a result. This is the highest form of spiritual ascension (unconditional love).

I always say, “If you don’t have a twin, it’s because you’re not ready for it and your soul doesn’t want one! There are easier paths to spiritual growth. Don’t idolize this based upon what the name ‘twin flame’ triggers in you, soul mate romantic relationships are so much easier (and everyone can find a soul mate!), and there are other ways to grow spiritually.”

I hope this clears things up for people. 💗

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